11 mar. 2012

Geely-Cityville tie-up?

Photo:  cityville.wikia.com
Acuerdo entre Geely y Cityville?

Just thought it was weird to see Shanghai Englon's logo on one Cityville business, "London Taxi stand". This Geely subsidiary owns the company that makes the London Taxi, yet still I wouldn't imagine Zynga would put it there for free.

But I couldn't find any reference to any promotional activity. Any thoughts?

Shanghai Englon
Photo: a-c-d.dk 

Me pareció raro ver el logo de Shanghai Englon en uno de los negocios de Cityville, "London Taxi stand". Esta subsidiaria de Geely es dueña de la fabricante de los taxis de Londres, pero me parecería raro que Zynga pusiera su logo gratis.

Eso sí, no pude encontrar ninguna referencia a alguna actividad promocional. ¿Alguien sabe algo?

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  1. I noticed it too ! But because of the taxi's shape, I called my building "The FX4 taxi company". :D


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