2 abr. 2020

VIDEO | 'I Found The Source of the Coronavirus'

Amazing research that shows the paper trail that confirms that the Wuhan Coronavirus first apperared in... China, of course. How already in november the Wuhan Institute of Virology was asking for scientists to research the relationship between coronaviruses and bats.

They collected blood and urine samples in Yunan Province, and seem to have been infected from them. He goes on to believe patient zero might have been one of the researchers investigating the virology of bats, a woman called Huang Yan Ling, that has been erased from records.

1 abr. 2020

Lovely 1982 UK cars on stamps

1982. What, no Vauxhall? Ford is included, so it was not about domestic ownership. They are all great, but of course my favourite is the one for Austin.
Austin Metro
Jaguar XJ
Rolls Royce
Ford Compact
Rolls Royce

Old GM branding in South Africa explained

This is an interesting explanation of how GM brands worked in South Africa, commented by t-rex on gminsidenews.com (link).
1965 Vauxhall Viva (South Africa)

Arquitectura de Cienfuegos | Palacio de Valle

Nos sorprendió esta hermosa casona ubicada en el sector de Punta Gorda en Cienfuegos, Cuba. Fue mandada a construir por Acisclo del Valle, teniendo su edificación lugar entre 1913 y 1916.

Si bien saltan a la vista los toques mudéjares, leo que tiene también influencias "góticas, románicas, barrocas e italianizantes".

Hoy alberga espectáculos culturales, un museo, un bar y un restaurant.
Palacio del Valle - Cienfuegos, Cuba
Palacio del Valle - Cienfuegos, Cuba

31 mar. 2020

Squirrel and Hedgehog | North Korean Propaganda Cartoon

Squirrel and Hedgehog Review: The propaganda is blatant, but the animation is quite good, and so are the stories, according to the reviewer.

South Korea in the 1980's and 70's

Korea before becoming rich is fascinating to me. How could they grow so fast?

Lots of cars in the first video, like 85% of them on the roads are Pony. Extremely few foreign cars as well, like a Dodge Aspen by the end of the clip and a cool Cadillac Seville of some important public official at the end.

30 mar. 2020

Jada por Majorette en USA! | Hero Patrol

Really cool to see Majorette sold in the United States, even if they are expensive Sonic Flashers.
More info and photos: https://www.diecastgarage.org/node/49594

Here is a video from a collector showing their packaging and lights and sound effects. Not my cup of tea, but if I was starving for Majorette I'd be happy for the chance of grabbing a couple (the Ambulance is really neat).

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