25 jun. 2019

VIDEO | The Wilmington Racist Coup of 1898

VIDEO Real Road Test: 1975 Austin Allegro 1100 Deluxe | 'Worst Car' Naaaaah!

The Allegro wasn't bad, as this video shows. It was just a little stubby. And not always that well made.

LIFE IN USSR | Most popular hobbies in the Soviet Union

Stamps! Badges! Coins, diecast cars and more! Hobbies in the Soviet Union.

24 jun. 2019

Banderas de pueblos indígenas en la Municipalidad de Santiago

Por el Día Nacional de los Pueblos Indígenas (24 de junio), la Municipalidad de Santiago estaba hoy completamente embanderada. Además de la bandera de Chile y la de la municipalidad arriba, abajo reconocí solo las de los aymara, mapuche y pascuenses. Aprendí que la de la derecha es de los selknam. ¿Pero la de la izquierda?
Lo moderno de la mayoría de estas banderas me hace dudar de qué tan representativas son, realmente. ¡Igual las quiero tener!

VIDEO Vintage Australian Car Tests | Holden HJ Premier (Torque 1974)

Peter Wherrett absolutely hates the new Holden!

22 jun. 2019

Y.T.G.F. 'Smallbus Series'

I got a four pack called "Smallbus Series" by Y.T.G.F. from AliExpress. All models included have pullback motors and an opening door.

They are, from top to bottom, a Yutong School Bus, a Toyota Hiace, some bus I haven't identified yet, and one of those weird "mobile offices" made in China, in Chinese Police colours (Santiago recently got some from China as well).

The most interesting to me are the mobile office and the Yutong bus, of course. I have more photos of both, below. Any help with the maker of the real life mobile offices will be welcomed!

Iran Khodro redesigned old Mercedes minibus, 2007

What? A redesigned Mercedes-Benz O309 from Iran, photo taken in 2007 by Mhamini, and uploaded to Wikipedia: wikipedia.org/wiki/File:O511.jpg. Wiki says it was designed locally by Sivan Design Group (گروه طراحان سیوان), as most indigenous designs from Iran today.
Iran Khodro O511.
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