17 oct. 2018

VICE | The World Famous Teenager Capturing Rocket Launches

I wish I was so passionate, good and confident about something as this kid is.

Why Do Cats Miaow? | Cats Uncovered | BBC

Informative and super cute.

VIDEO | FIAT History from after WWII to the 70's

"Dal dopoguerra agli anni settanta". Fiat history documentary, in Italian.

16 oct. 2018

Postcrossing Incoming! USA San Francisco

Gracias a mi amiga Silvia por esta postal. ¡Como en los viejos tiempos!

Cholets: La revolución arquitectónica de los Andes

Los curiosos edificios de inspiración aymara en El Alto, Bolivia, principalmente responsabilidad del arquitecto Freddy Mamani.

VIDEO | If Educational Videos Were Filmed Like Music Videos

Tom Scott is so great!

VIDEO Bolivia Resists China’s Subversion

Un nuevo capítulo de China Uncensored: La resistencia boliviana a la reelección inconstitucional de Evo Morales y la intervención china en Bolivia.

Postcrossing Incoming! USA San Francisco/ New York City

Thanks to Vladimir in New York! The Times Square postcard is weird... all ads on the middle are censored!

VIDEO | LaFerrari - 4 Different Manufacturers

Hot Wheels vs. Bburago vs. Tomica vs. Maisto.

VIDEO President Trump on 60 Minutes (clips)

The President of the USA is a piece of shit. (I wanted to embed the playlist but I can't find how, so here is the link).

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