20 oct. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! Uruguay

My first postcard from Uruguay! Thanks Gimena in Montevideo.
Great stamps too, very classical in design, I like that!

Matchbox' Tuk Tuk takes shape...

Generic, and maybe too plastic, but I'm eagerly awaiting for my first small-scale model of such typical taxi of South East Asia, and here specifically Thailand, the Tuk Tuk. Via Matchbox' Official Instagram.

Den Haag: Tuk Tuk

Postcrossing Incoming! China, Beijing map postcard

So cool, a cute little shaped postcard from Beijing, China; thanks to DuTao!

Tomica No. 70 - Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

I loved this new Tomica casting... but I don't have one, so here are a couple pictures by Michael (MKZ123) on Flickr.
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (2)

I'd like to see Tomica offering different wheels alongisde their classic design.
Mitsubishi Outlander 2016 - Santiago, Chile

It would also look fantastic in red...
Mitsubishi Outlander - Santiago, Chile

VIDEO | Fiat Downtown prototype (1993)

Extremely curious prototipo.

Studebaker 1949 camiones (Aviso Reader's Digest)

"Studebaker anuncia los primeros camiones modelo 1949 del mundo". De una Reader's Digest para América Latina de 1948.

"Studebaker announces the first 1949 modelyear trucks in the World". From a Latin American Reader's Digest, 1948.
Studebaker 1949 - Selecciones del Reader's Digest, 1948

Environmental Determinism: Crash Course Human Geography #1

Fascinating new series, starting with drama! Crash Course against the theory of 'environmental determinism'. I remember this theory from University, although we only looked at it briefly, and mostly as just a theory for explaining differences of development between countries, and at the same time looking at clear examples against it, like Singapore.

Best of the World | Lamley shows the best of Matchbox

Please, you must take a look at The Lamley Group's preview of a new series from Matchbox, called "Best of the World", which has some amazing models. I mean, look at their Miura...

Iraqi Army on its Road to Mosul | France 24

The state-owned international news channel of France keeps on covering the offensive against Daesh (ISIS) in Irak.

What called my attention the most, of course, are the vehicles. The Silverado they use for supplies and propaganda against Daesh members is beautiful. As imposing and their message is terrifying!

Trump vs. Clinton - Last debate reaction

The last US presidential debate was fun! Hillary destroyed Donald Trump last night. Luckily, for the fate of Humanity. Here is the post debate summary by The Young Turks, and the always funny Trevor Noah does a great after-debate Daily Show.

19 oct. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! Traditional Ryazan attire, Russia

Anastasiya keeps sending me beautiful postcards, with new stamps. This time, an example of the headdress typically used by girls in Ryazan, from ancient times.
This is known thanks to archeological reasearch on the Old city of Ryazan, burnt by Tatars in the XIII Century. The hanging diadems are called ryasna.

The stamps now... wow. Another of these commemorative issues with anniversaries of traditional factories, this time, ZIL! The four stamps are gorgeous, colourful, and I had never seen them before. 

Telenoche 1981

¡Hace 35 años! Telenoche del Martes 20 de Octubre de 1981.